The Line




A Descendant of

Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick
of Salem, Massachusetts




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    BELIEVING THAT the grandchildren of Orin Southwick, son of David, would be interested in this family record, I have compiled from the Genealogy of the Descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, written by James M. Caller of Salem, Massachusetts, and Mrs. Maria A. Ober of Sciota, New York, and published in 1881, material relating to his line, including the record of each descendant. To this I have added information on members of the family in the eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh generations of my own line, and have inserted blank pages for the use of those who may be interested in making additions covering their own lines.


    The text relating to generations from one to seven, inclusive, is a reprint, verbatim and without corrections, from the above mentioned Southwick Genealogy, except such additional information as has been inserted in brackets. The numbers occurring before the names of members of Edward Southwick's line are those used in the Southwick Genealogy, and are included for purposes of reference. Material concerning the monument on Shelter Island has been kindly furnished by Mr. Ralph G. Duvall, the author of The History of Shelter Island.


Champlain, N. Y., October 22, 1932.




Historical Extract

From South Coast Saunterings in England.

THERE was printed in the county of Hampshire a curious "Annual Repository," two volumes of which I have been enabled, through the kindness of a friend, to examine. These are records of the agricultural, social and religious condition of the various parishes in the county and many entertaining accounts of their antiquities. Of the latter, I was struck with the form of a conveyance by Henry I. (A.D. 1133) of land to Southwick Priory: "I will and firmly decree that the said canons, their officers and servants, shall have and hold all their possessions free and unmolested from shires and hundreds and all manner of suits, pleas and complaints and payments for murders and larcenies, from homsuchen and forest law, from scutage and hidage, gelds, denegelds and homgelds, assorts, assizes, dodande, saides, rummages, avepenny and hundred-penny, miskinnings and blodewyte." — M. D. CONWAY, Harper's Monthly, Vol. 39, page 344.




First Generation

1. LAWRENCE SOUTHWICK. There is a tradition in the Southwick family that Lawrence came from Lancashire, England, to America in 1627, and returned to England and brought his wife Cassandra and son John and daughter Mary to Massachusetts in 1630, on the May Flower in company with Wm. Bradford and others, and settled at Salem, Mass. We do not find any mention of his name in the public records of Salem until 1639, when he and his family were admitted as members in the First Church of Salem, and two acres of land was given him by the town of Salem to carry on the business of manufacturing glass and earthen ware. There is a tradition that he was one of the first to manufacture glass in America. This two acres of land was called glass-house field, as there were two others engaged in the same business, and the land is so designated today on the records and maps of said property, although the manufacture has long ceased to be carried on there. Said land is a valley running easterly from Aborn Street, and is on the south side of what is called Gallows Hill, where several persons were hung during the Salem Witchcraft delusion, a very dark page in the history of sectarian bigotry in Massachusetts.

Lawrence and wife Cassandra and son Josiah and daughter Mary were fined, whipt, imprisoned and finally banished for being Quakers, and their son Daniel and daughter Provided were sentenced by the General Court to be sold into slavery. (An attempt was made to carry this barbarous order into execution, but no shipmaster was found willing to convey them to the West Indies.) Lawrence and wife Cassandra went to Shelter Island, Long Island Sound, being banished under pain of death in 1659, and died there in the Spring of 1660 from privation and exposure; his wife died three days after him. [The following quotation is from one of Whittier's poems, which was inspired by this incident:

"So from his lost home to the darkening main Bodeful of storm, good Macy held his way, And when the green shore blended with the gray, His poor wife moaned, 'Let us turn back again.' 'Nay woman, weak of faith, kneel down' said he, 'And say thy prayers; the Lord Himself will steer, And led by Him nor man nor devils I fear.'"

"So the gray Southwicks from a rainy sea Saw, far and faint the loom of land and gave With feeble voices thanks for friendly ground Whereon to rest their weary feet, and found A peaceful deathbed and a quiet grave Where ocean walled, and wiser than his age, The Lord of Shelter scorned the bigot's rage."]1


1 The History of Shelter Island, p. 26.


Their son Josiah went to Rhode Island and established a home for himself and family. He came back to Salem in 1660 to look after his parents' property and found the property in very poor condition, and was whipped for returning to Massachusetts. It seems incredible that any followers of Christ could have so belied their professions, but it was an illustration of the saying of Robert Pollock, in regard to the hypocrite,

"Who stole the livery of the Court of Heaven To serve the Devil in."

Copy of Lawrence Sethick's Will

I, Lawrence Sethick, late of Salem in New England, now being at the house of Nathaniel Silvester, on Shelter Island, being weake in body but of sound mind and memory, do make and ordayne this my last will and testament, tenth day of fifth month, 1659.

I first give and bequeath unto my sonne Daniel Sethick my dwelling house at Salem, with all the houses, orchards, gardens and appurtenances; and Gyle's lot, provided that John Burnell shall have a house lott on the ground at the further end of the orchard newly fenct in.

Item. My will is that the lott which I had of Josiah Sethick shall return to him again.

Item. I give unto John Sethick the lott next to his own e.

Item. My will is that the great meadow which lyes at Ipswich River, fenct in, shall be divided Daniel Sethick and John Burnell equally.

Item. I give unto Samuel Burton forty shillings.

Item. I give unto John Burnell, if he stand faithful in the truth, two young steers and the first mare foal.

Item. I give unto Henry Traske Marshall's lott joining to his orchard, provided that Daniel may have liberty to mow a load of hay every year thereon.

Item. I give unto Mary Traske my daughter, wife of Henry Traske, ten pounds sterling.

Item. I give unto Deborah Sethwick and young Josiah, each of them fifty shillings sterling.

Item. I give unto Ann Potter forty shillings, in she thinks beneficial for her.

Item. I give unto Mary Traske, daughter to Henry Traske, one good serge suit of clothes; and unto Sarah and Hannah each of them a suit of clothes.

I give and bequeath unto Samuel and Sarah, John Sethick's children, to each of them thirty shillings sterling.

Furthermore my will is that Daniel my sonne, and Provided my daughter, shall possess and enjoy all that which remains of my estate after debts and legacies paid, and my will above mentioned fulfilled, equally to be divided between them so that Daniel may have that part which belongs to husbandry.

Lastly my will is that in case my wife survives me shee shall be my executrix and keep all possessions during her life, and after her decease my will to be performed according as above expressed; and I do ordayne William Robinson and Thomas Gardner to be overseers of this my last will and testament, signed and sealed by me the day and year above written with my hand and seal following.

In presence of



This will was allowed by the court 29, 9 mo., 1660.




I. LAWRENCE and Cassandra Southwick, both baptised 2 MO., 24th., 1639, at First Church, Salem.  Their children were:

2. John, born 1620, died Oct. 25, 1672; married first, Sarah Tidd; second, Hannah Flint; third, Sarah Burnett (or Burnell).

Mary, born 1630; married Henry Trask, son of Capt. Wm. Trask. Josiah, born 1632, died 1693; married Mary —.

Provided, born 1635, died 1640; was baptized in First Church, Salem, Dec. 6, 1639. Salem Court Records.

Daniel, born 1637, died 1718- 19; married Esther Boyce, 1663. Provided, born Dec., 1641; married Samuel Gaskill, Dec. 30, 1662.

The Sylvester Monument on Shelter Island

On the Horsford estate, near the head of Gardiner's Creek, on the edge of a beautiful grove of forest trees, can be seen a monument that has been erected to the memory of Nathaniel Sylvester. On the marble slab, besides the Coat of Arms, appears the following fine tribute to Mr. Sylvester:

To Nathaniel Sylvester, First Resident Proprietor of the Manor of Shelter Island under grant of Charles II, A. D. 1666. An Englishman Intrepid, Faithful to Friendship, the soul of Integrity and Honor, Hospitable to Worth and Culture, Sheltering ever the Persecuted for Conscience sake, the Daughters of Mary and Phoebe Gardiner Horsford, Descendants of Patience, Daughter of Nathaniel Sylvester, and Wife of the Huguenot Benjamin L' Hommedieu, in Reverence and Affection for the good name of their Ancestor, in 1884 set up these stones for a memorial.

1610 1680

On the base of the monument, besides the Brinley Coat of Arms appears this record:

Thomas Brinley, Kings Auditor, married Anne Wase.

Nathaniel Sylvester Married Grissell Brinley

Benjamin L'Hommedieu Patience Sylvester

Benjamin L'Hommedieu [2d] Martha Bourne

Ezra L'Hommedieu Mary Catherine Havens

Samuel Smith Gardiner Mary Catherine L'Hommedieu

Eben Norton Horsford Mary L' H. Gardiner


Succession of Proprietors
The Manhanset Tribe
The King
The Earl of Stirling

James Farrett Brinley Sylvester

Stephen Goodyear Thomas Dering

Nathaniel Sylvester Sylvester Dering

Giles Sylvester Mary C. L'Hommedieu

Samuel Smith Gardiner
Eben Norton Horsford

On the steps are the following names of Quakers, most of whom came here for protection:

Of the sufferings for conscience sake of Friends of Nathaniel Sylvester, most of whom sought shelter here including George Fox, Founder of the Society of Quakers, Mary Dyer, William Robinson, Marmaduke Stevenson and William Leddra who were executed on Boston Common ; Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, Despoiled, Imprisoned, Starved, Whipped, Banished, who fled here to die; Daniel Gould, bound to the Gun Carriage and Lashed; Edward Wharton the much Scourged, Christopher Holder the Mutilated, Humphrey Norton the Branded, Giles Sylvester the Champion, Ralph Goldsmith the Ship Master, and Samuel Shattuck of the King's Missive these stones are a testimony.

The Puritan in his Pride, overcome by the Faith of the Quakers
gave Concord and Lexington and Bunker Hill to History.

The Blood and Spirit of Vitior and Vanquished alike, are the
Glory of Massachusetts.

This monument was unveiled on July 17, 1884, with appropriate ceremonies, in the presence of a large congregation of people. The grove where the monument stands has been named "Woodstock," that being the name of the ancestral home of the Brinleys in England.]

1 See The History of Shelter Island, by Ralph G. Duvall, pp. 38-40


Second Generation

2. JOHN SOUTHWICK, son of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick; horn in England, 1620, died October 25, 1672.—Salem Town Records. Married first, Sarah Tidd, widow of Samuel Tidd, 1642; second, Hannah Flint, widow, May 12, 1568 [?]; third, Sarah Burnett, daughter of John Burnett (or Burnell). Children:

Sarah, born June 16, 1644; married Thos. Buffington, Dec. 30, 1670. Mary, born Oct. 10, 1646; married Thos. Burt, Nov. 18, 1672.

10. Samuel, born Feb. 19, 1658, died 1709-10; married Mary.

Married second wife (a widow) Hannah Flint.

John, born January, 1669; married Hannah Follett, Dec. 23, 1688. Isaac, born Nov. 1669, died Feb. 1670. Isaac, born Jan. 27, 1671.

Married third wife, Sarah Burnett (or Burnell). After John Southwick's decease his widow Sarah married Thomas Cooper, June 12, 1674; they had one child, Elizabeth Cooper, born Nov. 12, 1676.

Samuel Tidd and Sarah his wife had one child, Eliza Tidd, born 1642.

Jan. 4, 1660. John sells to William King and Robert Stone, 6 acres of land in Salem.—Salem Records.

April 4, 1654. John buys of Joseph Armitage 20 acres in Willases meadow.—Salem Records.

April 4, 1654. John buys of Joseph Armitage 21 acres in Willases meadow.—Salem Records.

March 16, 1657-58. John buys of David Corwithen 3 acres near Realls side.—Salem Records.

March 25, 1685. Thomas Buffington and wife Sarah mention John and Samuel Southwick as brothers in law.—Salem Records.

June 29, 1685. Samuel and John Southwick deed to Isaac Cooke and John Tomkins.—Salem Records.

Feb. 9, 1685-86. Samuel and John Southwick deed to William Ozburn land of their late father John Southwick.

July 20, 1681. Samuel Southwick sells to Philip Cromwell a dwelling house and 2 acres of land which was his father's, John Southwick.—Salem Records.

John Southwick, Salem, to William Burnell, of Pullers poynt, Boston, 80 acres land and buildings, and II acres from meadow in Williston's meadow.—Salem Records, Vol. 1, p. 71.

May 22, 1671. John Southwick bought of Eleazor Giles 13 acres.

April 13, 1685. Samuel and John Southwick sell to their uncle Daniel land.—Salem Records.

BE IT known unto men by these presents that I, John Southwick, of Salem, in the county of Essex,—farmer, doe promise to pay or cause to be paid to Henry Skerry Marshall of Salem, or his assigns, fower pounds five shillings in current money of New England at or before the day of June next ensuing the date of these presents, and unto the true performance hearof I doe bind myself, my heirs, executors, administrators firmly by these presents, as witness my hand this 12th day of February, Anno Dom. 1671.

the mark of




Copy of John Sothwick's Will

Oct. 26, 1672. Tins, God willing, doth declare that John Sowthick being upon my sick bed but in perfect memory doe leave this my last will and testament.

First. I give and bequeath unto my son Samuel one half of my lands and one half of my barns.

Second. I give unto my sons John and Isack all the rest of my lands and the other half of the barns equally divided, in case my father Burnet gives them the medoe he promised and lying in Williston Medoe, but if not then my son

John shall have two thirds and Isaac but one third; but in case my father Burnit doe give them the medoe then my will is that both lands and medoe shall be equally divided between them except the seven acres I have given to my daughter Sarah and her heirs forever, provided that either of my three sons dy without issue it shall fall to the survivors, and if two of them dy without issue it shall fall to the survivors and his heirs forever.

Third. I give unto my daughter Sarah, besides the seven acres of land before mentioned, one acre of meadow lying in Williston medoe and three pounds in Corn and Cattle.

Fourth. I give to my daughter Mary, tenn pounds in Corn or Cattle and four acres of upland, beginning at the draw-barn and to the pond and soe to go towards the house.

Fifth. I give to Elizabeth Giles, alias Tidd, £4 in cattle.

Sixth. I do appoint my loving wife whole and sole executrix.

Seventh. I intreat my true loving two brothers Josiah Sowthick and Daniel Sowthick to be my overseers to see this my will to be performed. My intent and meaning is that my two sons enjoy the estate when they come of age and this I leave as my last will and testament. In witness hereof I have set my hand and seal the day and year above written.


John Pudue and Edward Grover gave oath in Court at Salem, 29, 9 mo., 1672, that the above written was declared by the said John Sowthick to be his last will and testament. HILLARD VEREN, Clerk.




Third Generation

10. SAMUEL SOUTHWICK, son of John 1st, and Sarah Tidd, born Feb. 19, 1658 [in Salem, Mass.]; died, 1709-10; married Mary —. Children:

Samuel 2d, born Jan. 30, 1688-89, died before 1709.

Ebenezer, born Nov. 1690; married first, Sarah Proctor, in 1724, no children; second, Mary Whitman, 1727.

Hannah, born Feb. 24, 1691-92.

Jonathan, born about 1694; married Elizabeth Dowty, Dec. 16, 1727.

Benjamin, born 1696; went to New Salem and was there June 9, 1743 married Abigail Burt, 1722.

44. David, born 1701; was over 90 when he died; married Thankful Grigg.

Mercy, born 1698.

Mary, born 1700; married Henry Hutchins, Oct. 16, 1736.

Elizabeth, born 1702.

Provided, born 1704; married John Carroll, Oct. 26, 1728.

Inventory of Samuel Southwick's estate taken March 13, 1709-10. Administration granted to wife Mary and eldest son living, Ebenezer, Dec. 27, 1711. All the children except Samuel and Ebenezer are named in the division of the estate.

Jonathan, David and Lemuel went to Williamstown, Mass., also Ichabod and Jesse, from New Salem, Mass.

Received of my brother Ebenezer Southwick, thirty-four pounds, bills of credit, and is in full for my portion due from the estate of my honored father and mother, Samuel and Mary Southwick, both late of Salem and I hearby a the said estate from any claim or demand that I or any my heirs, administrators, executors or assigns, shall m against said estate forever hearafter.

Salem June 19, 1740.

her mark

Witness my hand, MARY X SOUTHWICK.




Fourth Generation

44• DAVID SOUTHWICK, son of Samuel 1st, and Mary, born in Salem, Mass., 1701, died 1792, over 90 years of age; married Thankful Davis Griggs, in 1726. They had one child:

109. Samuel, born 1727, married Abigal Warner, about 1755.

David and Thankful were living in Williamstown, Mass. in 1799 [?] and were then members of the First Congregational church; Rev. Seth Swift was pastor at that time.

Dudley, Mass., April 5, 1740.

Received of my brother, Ebenezer Southwick Ten pounds in full for my portion due from the estate of my father and mother, Samuel and Mary Southwick both late of Salem, Mass., and I hereby release all claim against said estate.



Fifth Generation

109. SAMUEL SOUTHWICK, son of David and Thankful (Grigg); married about 1755, Abigail Warner. Children:

510.   David, born 1756, died 1841, was baptized at Congregational Church, New Salem, Nov. 7, 1762.  Married Betsey Stacey, of Benson, Vt., in 1781.

Jonathan, born Aug. 22, 1772, died at his son Masa Branch's, at St. Hilaire, Canada, Aug. 18, 1863. Married first, Feb. 2, 1797, Sarah Branch, daughter of Masa and Thankful Branch, died April 14, 1814; second, widow Mary Shaw (nee Baker).

Daniel, born June 11, 1773, died Jan. 15, 1839. Married Polly Churchill, of Benson, Vt., Oct. 5, 1797.

Samuel, born 1780, married Phebe Southwick, daughter of George and Lydia (Sargent), 1843. Settled in Western N. Y.



Sixth Generation

510.  DAVID SOUTHWTCK, son of Samuel and Abigail (Warner), born 1756, died 1841 [at Perry's Mills, N. Y.], aged 85 years.  Married first, 1783, Betsey Stacey; second, Jan. 25, 1825, Mary Stacey, widow of his first wife's brother. Children:

Ebenezer, born 1784. ; married Clarissa Williams.

Polly, born May 1, 1786, at Williamstown, Mass.; married, Feb.

25,          1811, at Mooers, N. Y., Enos Merrill, of Vermont. Fanny, born Dec., 1787; married in Benson, Vt., John Eddy, of Whitehall, N. Y.

1163. Orin, born Nov., 1789; married, May 10, 1829, Hannah Stone, of Champlain, N. Y.

Hosea, born Apr. 17, 1791, died Sept. 3, 1832. Married, April

26,          1819, Maria Smith, of Benson, Vt.

Malinda, born 1796; married, 1814, Capt. Winthrop Wheden, at Mooers, N. Y.

Lucretia, born 1798, died April 14, 1867. Married, 1824, Dr. E. S. Loomis, of Montreal, P. Q., died 1873, of paralysis of the brain.

Milton, born June 25, 1800, married Harriet Chamberlain, Nov. 24, 1826.

David, born May 12, 1803; married, 1824, Elizabeth Smedley, of Mooers, N. Y.

Amos Pettengale, born June 25, 1807, at Benson, Vt.; married Maria Finch, June 26, 1833. [Named after Rev. Amos Pettengill, clergyman at Champlain, N. Y.]

Erastus Royal, born March 25, 1808, at Mooers, N. Y.; married, Oct. 1, 1832, Mary Williams, at Erie, Penn.

David Southwick, son of Samuel and Abigail (Warner), born 1762 [or 1756], at Adams, Mass., enlisted in the U. S. Army, at 18 years of age; he was in the war of the revolution, in continental line in Colonel Seth Warner's regiment, at Whitehall, N. Y.1 He served four years, when he was taken prisoner with a party who sallied from Fort Ann, to attack the Indians. After being in prison two years, he with others, made their escape, but were recaptured and taken back to prison; at the close of the war he was exchanged and released and sent back to Boston by the way of the St. Lawrence river and sea. He went to Williamstown in November, barefooted on the frozen ground. He soon after married Betsey Stacey, of Benson, Vt.; several years after he moved to Mooers, Clinton Co., N. Y., and bought a farm of 400 acres of General [Benjamin] Mooers. He made application for pension in 1818, which was granted him in 1822. He started with his wife for Lafayette, Indiana, to visit their daughter; on reaching Waterford, Erie Co., Penn., his wife became sick and after a year's illness died there. He afterwards married, at Benson, Vt., Mrs. Mary Stacey, the widow of his wife's brother, Jan. 25, 1825. He lived at Mooers until near the time of his death, in 1841, at his daughter's, Lucretia Loomis, aged 85 years. He was fond of relating his many adventures as a soldier, and afterwards as a hunter. He was a very independent and religious man, but not a sectarian, which was a prominent characteristic of so many of his ancestors. [His farm in the town of Mooers was that at present owned by Mrs. George Stratton, and lying south of the highway, about one mile east of the Star Schoolhouse corner.]


1 Authority for Revoutionary War Record of David Southwick see Mass. Archives, Vol. 31, page 241 ; Vol. 18, page 77 ; Vol. 18, page 81; Mass. Muster and Pay Roll, Vol. 23, page 83.


JONATHAN SOUTHWICK, [another] son of Samuel and Abigail (Warner), born Aug. 22, 1772, in Williamstown, Mass., died Aug 18, 1863, at Mont St. Hiliare, Province Quebec. Married first, Feb. 2, 1797, Sarah Branch, of Benson, Vt., died April 14, 1814, in Champlain, Clinton Co., N. Y.; second, Widow Mary (Baker) Shaw. Children: Semantha, born July 10, 1799, died Jan. 20, 1813, in Benson, Vt.

Masa Branch, horn 1801, in Orwell, Vt., died Oct. 16, 1879. Married Eliza Andres.

Pamela, born April 12, 1803, died Nov. 12, 1845. Married April 20, 1822, Alfred Cooley, in the town of Mooers, N. Y.

Alonzo Warner, born Sept. 11, 1805, settled in Arkansas, and has not been heard from for over thirty years.

Loronzo Dow, born March 10, 1807, died Jan. 16, 1877, in Castle-ton, Barry Co., Mich. Married, Jan. 9, 1829, Eunice Hart, of Fairfax, Vt.

Sarah Maria, horn Aug. 22, 1808; married first, Dec. 20, 1826, John L. Putnam ; second, June 13, 1846, Asa Cram.

Orissa Naomi, born Dec. 17, 1811; married - Parker. They live in Brunswick, N. Y.

Semantha, born April 12, 1813, at Champlain, N. Y.; married Platt Warren. M. D., residence, Reedsville, Meigs Co., Ohio, P. O. address, Olive:.

Second wife, Widow Mary Shaw, nee Baker. Children:

Urie Barber, died about 1840.

Elijah Baker, born Feb. 8, 1819, in Champlain, N. Y.; married Harriet Brown, 1848.

Jonathan was an early resident of Champlain, Clinton Co., N. Y., he was for many years largely engaged in the business of cloth dressing and carding of wool.  In 1820 he removed to Georgia, Vt., where he remained fourteen years. His health failing and not being able to continue in business, in 1834, he went to live with his son, Masa B., in Mont St. Hiliare, Province Quebec, where he remained until his death.


Indenture of Masa Branch Southwick

THIS INDENTURE made the fourteenth day of May in the year of our Lord 1814, Witnesseth, that Masa B. Southwick son of Jonathan Southwick aged Thirteen years the fifth day of April last by and with the consent of the said Jonathan Southwick his father hath, of his own free and voluntary will, placed and bound himself apprentice with Pliny Moore of the town of Champlain in the County of Clinton, to learn the trade or occupation of a clothier and carder, and with him as an apprentice to dwell, continue and serve from the day of the date hereof until he arrive at the age of twenty-one years; during all which time the said apprentice his said master well and faithfully shall serve, his secrets keep, his lawful commands gladly do and obey; hurt to his said master he shall not do, nor wilfully suffer to be done by others, hut of the same to the utmost of his power, shall forthwith give notice to his said master; the goods of his said master he shall not embessle or waste, nor lend without his consent to any; at cards, dice or any other unlawful games he shall not play; taverns he shall not frequent; matrimony he shall not contract; from the service of his said master he shall not depart or absent himself, without his said master's leave; but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice, shall and will demean and behave himself towards his said master and all his, during the said term. And the said master in the said trade or occupation of a clothier and carder with all things thereunto belonging shall and will cause the said apprentice to be well and sufficiently taught and instructed, and shall and will find and allow unto the said apprentice meat, drink, washing, lodging and apparel and all other necessaries fit and convenient for such an apprentice during the term aforesaid; and shall put the said apprentice to some good english school to be instructed in reading, writing and arithmetic as far as the double rule of three, and shall also at the expiration of the said term provide and furnish the said apprentice with two good suits of clothes one for every day wear, and the other for holidays. In Witness whereof the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

In Presence of MASA B. SOUTHWICK


Pliny Moore, Jun. PLINY MOORE1

DANIEL SOUTHWICK, [another] son of Samuel and Abigail (Warner), born June 11, 1773, died Jan. 15, 1839. Married, Oct. 5, 1797, Polly Churchill, of Benson, Vt., born Dec. 21, 1777, died March 31, 1831. Children:

Philetus E., born Nov. 7, 1802, died April 8, 1864; married, 1827, Ann Elisa Stacey, of Benson, Vt.

Maria M., born Aug. 6, 1804, died Aug. 25, 1874, in Mooers, N.Y. Married, Aug. 13, 1826, Abel Knapp.

Almeda, born July 4, 1810, died Feb. 20, 1875. Married, 1838, Solon Knapp, died 1851. Residence, Ottawa, Ills. (Abel and Solon Knapp were brothers.)

Royal, died [born] Feb. 7, 1813; married, Jan. 13, 1841, Lydia R. Child, resides in Somerset, N. Y.

Daniel with his brother David moved from Benson, Vermont, in 1802, when the country was new in Clinton Co., N. Y., and erected log cabins within two miles of each other, and in a few years erected commodious houses. Daniel was a man zealous in all good works and words, and he was a man of strong religious feelings.

1 From the Pliny Moore Papers.




[SAMUEL SOUTHWICK, another son of Samuel and Abigail (Warner), born 1780. Came to Champlain, N. Y. Moved to western New York, and there met and married, in 1843, Phebe Southwick, daughter of George and Lydia (Sargent) Southwick. Phebe was his fourth cousin, descended from the line of Daniel of the second generation.]

[On a subscription list, dated May I, 1819, guaranteeing the salary of Rev. Joseph Laboree, as pastor of the First Presbyterian Congregational Church & Society at Champlain, New York, Samuel Southwick subscribes two dollars, and Orin Southwick five dollars.]

1 From the Pliny Moore Papers.




Seventh Generation

1163. ORIN SOUTHWICK, son of David and Betsey (Stacey), born Nov. 28, 1789, in Benson, Vt., died Feb. 7 [Jan. 31], 1881, aged 92 years. Married, May 10, 1829, Hannah Stone, of Champlain, N. Y., born Sept. 3, 1811, [died May 18, 1890, at Mooers, N. Y.] He was a merchant until 40 years of age, when he became a farmer. He was in the battle of Plattsburgh, Sept. 11, 1814. They resided in Mooers Forks, N. Y. Children:

2667. Edward A., born April 29, 1830, [died Sept. 28, 1907]; married, Feb. 24, 1859, Achsah Bateman. He is a lumber manufacturer. Orin Frederick, born Oct. 31, 1831, [died Nov. 8, 1906); married, Aug. 20, 1867, Mary Benson, of Minn.

Hosea, born July 29, 1833, died Feb. 10, 1836.

Isaac, born Nov. 13, 1834, died Feb. 5, 1836.

David H., born Dec. 13, 1836, died Sept. 8, 1870. Married, Oct. 7, 1868, Fanny Benson, daughter of Rev. Dr. Benson.

Horatio I., born Oct. 5, 1838, [died Nov. 21, 1920]; married first, Nov. 15, 1864, Julia N. Hay, died May 12, 1865; second, Sept. 23, 1879, Ellie L. Thomson, widow of William Blair, [died March 29, 1930].

William Henry, born Aug. 13, 1840, [died Dec. 12, 1917]; married, May 10, 1869, Eva Crocker, of Vt.

Elbridge G., born May 7, 1842, [died Jan. 29, 1923]; married Mary Brewster, of Northampton, Mass.

Marion M., born Aug. 29, 1844, died Sept. 23, 1866.

Titus A., born Jan. 25, 1847, [died Sept. 28, 1918]; married, July 14, 1871 [1], Maggie Perdy, of Minn.

Flora Isadore, born May 9, 1852; married, Sept. 18, 1872, Dr. Ralph Irwin, [Erwin].

Pliny F., born Sept. 7, 1850; married, Sept. 11, 1878, Cornelia Tabb, of Harrisonburgh, Va.


[Nature has done much to beautify a short section of the English River, where its waters fall over a series of ledges to another level some thirty feet below, and then flow on through a narrow picturesque chasm for a thousand feet or more, until they enter the meadow land at the Canadian Border and linger on their way to the St. Lawrence. It was here that Orin Southwick took his young wife Hannah to live shortly after their marriage in 1829. A large granite boulder some forty-five feet circumference and the old stone abutment of the sawmill which he built are there to mark the place. The boulders can be plainly seen from a point in the highway about half a mile north from Blackman's Corners in the Town of Mooers, Clinton County, New York. Two sons, Edward A. and Orin Frederick, were born here; the remainder of the family were born at the Orin Southwick Homestead, about one mile east from Blackman's Corners, in the Town of Mooers, at present owned by George Laventure, to which Orin and Hannah Southwick removed in the early thirties.]

Orin Southwick and wife Hannah (Stone) celebrated their golden wedding, May 10, 1879, at Mooers, N. Y. Their children, grandchildren and other relatives numbered about 79. They came from east, west and south; two sons from Minnesota, two sons from Massachusetts, with their families, and two sons who reside in Mooers, and one daughter, Mrs. R. Erwin.

Mr. Orin Southwick, although somewhat feeble and lame, retained his mental faculties as clear as ever, and his sound business qualities were esteemed by all who knew him. He was a man of temporate habits, and good morals. He, with his wife, resided with their son Horatio, who rendered to them all in his power for their comfort. They received from their children and others, many beautiful and valuable presents, and speeches were made giving thanks for the many happy years their parents had lived. After the speeches a bountiful table was ready for the guests, after which music was enjoyed, by the Mooers Cornet Band, and to wind up to part, all sang the Sweet Bye and Bye.

Hannah Stone's mother was the great granddaughter of Gen. Whitemore, who with his family (except Mary, whom he left behind), undertook a voyage to England, and were all lost at sea. He had previously secured a grant for the whole of the land on which now stands the city of Halifax, Novia Scotia, but he had the deeds of conveyance with him. Means were never taken by Mary or her descendants to secure their rights.


Eighth Generation

2667. EDWARD ALMINUS SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born April 29, 1830, at their first home, on the English River, died September 28, 1907. Married Achsah Bateman, February 24, 1859; she died December 6, 1888. Before his marriage, he purchased the Pratt farm, about three quarters of a mile west of Blackman's Corners, in the Town of Mooers, and on it erected a brick house which still stands, the property at present belonging to the estate of Samuel Davison. It was here that all of the children of Edward A. and Achsah were born. During his early life he was engaged in lumbering and operated mills on Gray Brook and the English River in the Town of Mooers, near Blackman's Corners, after which he acquired farm lands in the Town of Champlain to which he moved in December, 1888, operating same until within four years of his death. He was one of the founders of the Wesleyan Methodist Church at Mooers, N. Y., and a trustee of it during the remainder of his life. Children:

3605. Hannah Elizabeth, born April 1, 1860, died March 7, 1886. Married W. J. Cheney, July 3, 1884.

3606. Marion C., born Aug. 15, 1862, died Dec. 26, 1918. Married Fred Lucas, Oct. to, 1899.

3607. Simon F., born Sept. 28, 1864, died March 7, 1888.

3608. Elmira, born March 6, 1868, died May 5, 1878, aged 10 years. 3609. Orin E., born July 18, 1870; married Frances Stewart, June 29, 1898.

3610. Louise L., born Jan. 17, 1876; married James Perry, Oct. 17, 1899.

ORIN FREDERICK SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born October 31, 1831, at their first home on the English River, died November 8, 1906. Married, August 20, 1867, Mary Benson, of Minnesota. He received his education in the common school, Champlain Academy, and Fort Edward Collegiate Institute. He was a member of the first Teacher's Institute held in Clinton County, New York, and assisted in organizing the first Teacher's Association in Clinton County, being one of the 'committee on organization. He went west in 1859. Settled in Wells, Minn., after spending several years teaching and trading in Freeborn, Minn., and other places. He served two years as mayor of Wells and spent his later years in supervising his farm interests and dealing in real estate. He died at his home in Wells, Minn. Children:

Gertrude Susan, born June 1, 1868; married, Oct. 23, 1889, James F. Kingsland, of Minneapolis.

Claudius Edward, born Jan. 15, 1872.

Martha Fredrica, born April 29, 1878; married Edwin Rolla Rochester, of Washington, D. C., Sept. 17, 1908.

Orin Frederick, Jr., born Aug. 23, 1883.

DAVID H. SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born in Mooers, Clinton County, N. Y., on the Orin Southwick Homestead, December 12 [?], 1836, died in Wells, Faribault County, Minn., September 8, 1870. Married, October 7, 1868, in Clinton Falls, Steele County, Minn., by Rev. John Benson, father of the bride, Fanny M. Benson, born in Dover, Me., Aug. 28, 1851. One child:

Zona, born at Freeborn, Minn., Aug. 13, 1869, died Feb. 23, 1871.


From "The Standard", Wells, Minn.

Mr. David Southwick died at Wells, Minn., Thursday, Sept. 8, 1870, at one A. M., of bilious fever, aged thirty-three years. He was one of our oldest and best citizens. Coming to this section of the State at twenty years of age, thirteen years ago, he settled at Freeborn, in Freeborn County, where he engaged in trade. Two years later, his brother, Frederick, came west and connected himself with him. They remained at Freeborn, building up a handsome village as well as an extensive business until this spring, when David connected with him two young men from the East, Messrs. Huntly and Terhune, and put in a large retail establishment at Wells.

Two weeks ago Mr. Southwick was in the best of health and exuberant spirits. To-day he is lifeless, his wife mourns the loss of a husband, his child a father, and the community in which he lived, one of its best citizens. The bereaved family have the heartfelt spmpathy of the entire community. About two years since, we announced his marriage in The Standard, and his union, we believe, proved a very happy one. It seems, therefore, a hard decree of fate that his young wife and child should be called, thus early, to mourn his loss.

HORATIO I. SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born October 5, 1838, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died November 21, 1920. Married first, November 15, 1864, Julia N. Hay, died May 12, 1865; second, September 23, 1879, Ellie L. Thompson, widow of William Blair, died March 29, 1930. He lived at the homestead, engaging in farming and livestock speculation. He died at his home in Mooers village where he had spent the declining years of his life.

WILLIAM HENRY SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born August 13, 1840, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died December 12, 1917. Married, August 24., 1869, Eva L. Crocker, of St. Albans, Vt. They resided at Chicopee Falls, Mass. During his residence in Chicopee Falls, he engaged in a commission business and investing in real estate near the city limits. As the city was extended, this property came inside the limits. New streets were laid out, one of which bears his name, and became a desirable residential district. He made his home on the property until the time of his death. Children:

Effie Henrietta, born Feb. 20, 1870; married Clinton Clark. Grace Aleen, born Nov. 3, 1876; married Robert Lindsey.

ELBRIDGE G. SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born May 7, 1842, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died January 29, 1923. Married Mary L. Brewster, died December 5, 1915. They lived in Northampton, Mass., where he was engaged in the dry goods business. He later became a real estate investor, and built several dwelling houses, opened Bedford Terrace, and built the business block that is known as Central Chambers. He died at Northampton. Children:

Robert E., born July, 1867.

Percy C., born 1870, died Oct., 1899. Russell B., born Oct. 24, 1874.



TITUS A. SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born January 25, 1847, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died September 28, 1918. Married in Freeborn, Minn., April 12, 1870, Margaret Purdie, born April 22, 1848, in Hammond, St. Lawrence County, N. Y., died November 10, 1914. He was a farmer and merchant at Freeborn, Minn. He later settled in Harvey, Ill., where he continued in the mercantile business and spent the remainder of his life surrounded by his children, most of whom have established homes in and around Harvey. He was a man of strong religious convictions and spent much time in Christian and social activities. Children, all born at Freeborn, Minn.:

Hannah J., born April 25, 1871; married George E. Kenyon, June 26, 1895.

Marion A., born May 1, 1874; married Charles R. Stansell, Sept. 28, 1911.

Florence I., born Nov. 29, 1875; married Charles V. Brandt, July 18, 1906.

Bernice, born May 29, 1880; married John C. Low, June 18, 1902.

Myrtle S., born Sept. 6, 1884; married Frank W. Pearson, July 22, 1901.

Leslie A., born Nov. 16, 1890; married Gertrude Hunt, Oct. 27, 1916.




LESLIE A. SOUTHWICK, son of Titus A. and Margaret (Purdie), born November 16, 1890; married Gertrude Hunt, of Kenosha County, Wisconsin, October 27, 1916, and resides in Bowling Green, Ohio. He is connected with The Simmons Company, with which he holds a responsible position in the Sales Department. Children:

Leslie A., born June 21, 1918.

Helen Margaret, born Dec. 24, 1923. James Francis, born March 20, 1927.



FLORA ISADORE SOUTHWICK, daughter of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born May 9, 1852, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y.; married, Sept. 18, 1872, Dr. Ralph Erwin. They lived in Malone, N. Y. Since the death of Dr. Erwin, in 1908, she has made her home with her son Parke and daughter Blanche Erwin Frawley. She has long been a member and active worker in the Episcopal Church and in Adirondack Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. At present she is enjoying good health and is very happy with her daughter in Worcester, Mass. Children:

Winnie, born Jan. 11, 1874, died Feb. 1, 1875.

Blanche, born Feb. 3, 1876; married William J. Frawley, Sept. 5, 1912. Parke, born Dec. 2, 1879; married Mabel Carr Hodges, Oct. 24, 1904.

PLINY FITCH SOUTHWICK, son of Orin and Hannah (Stone), born September 7, 1850, on the Orin Southwick Homestead, in the Town of Mooers, N. Y.; married first, September 11, 1878, in Harrisonburgh, Va., Cornelia Wilson Tabb, daughter of George Washington and Mary Creighton (Wilson) Tabb, of Virginia, Jefferson County, born March 13,1850, in Berkeley County, Virginia, died April 13, 1880. George Washington Tabb was one of the jurymen who signed the death warrant of John Brown. One child:

Cassandra Tabb, born April 2, 1880, died when four days old.

Married second, June 19, 1884, Laura V. Tabb, born May 8, 1847, at Smithfield, Va. (now West Virginia), died June 6, 1911, at Colorado Springs, Colo. One child:

Eloise B., born May 18, 1892; married Harry Leslie Ford, Oct. 16, 1917.



Pliny Fitch Southwick went to Northampton in 1866, at the age of 16, and learned the dry goods business, remained there till 1870, then went into business in Freeborn, Minn., with T. A. Southwick; spent two months on the frontier, and then returned to Northampton, Mass., where he became a partner in the store where he learned his business. He afterwards sold his interest and became a commercial traveller for a New York importing house. Was in the dry goods business (1880) in Harrisonburgh, Va. In later years he went to Kansas City and engaged in the real estate business, after which he took up the mercantile business in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado. As this is being written, he is extremely active and enjoys a pleasant home with his daughter in LaGrange, Ill. He is a member of the Congregational Church.




Ninth Generation

3605. HANNAH ELIZABETH SOUTHWICK, daughter of Edward A. and Achsah (Bateman), born April 1, 1860, on the farm in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died March 7, 1886. Married Warren J. Cheney, July 3, 1884. They resided at Fort Covington, N. Y. She was a graduate of the Potsdam State Normal, 1882, and taught school for two years. One child:

Guy Warren, born Feb. 26, 1886; married Edith M. Costello, Feb.

22, 1911.

Warren J. Cheney was born April 27, 1862, died August To, 1921. He was a graduate of Potsdam State Normal and engaged in the practice of law. In November, 1912, he was elected Steuben County Judge and served in that capacity from January 1, 1913, until his death. He was a member and officer of First M. E. Church of Corning, N. Y., a member of the Masonic Bodies, a Past Commander of Corning Consistory, and an Honorary thirty-third degree Mason.

3606. MARION CLARK SOUTHWICK, daughter of Edward A. and Achsah (Bateman), born August 15, 1862, on the farm in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died December 26, 1918. Married Fred Lucas, October 10, 1899. She attended Potsdam State Normal, taught school three years, and then, at the death of her mother, was called to attend to the household affairs for her father, where she stayed until her marriage. She was a member of the Perry's Mills Methodist Episcopal Church and a devoted worker in the church and in the temperance cause. One child:

Broder F. Lucas, born Jan. 14, 1902.

3607. SIMON FREDERICK SOUTHWICK, son of Edward A. and Achsah (Bateman), born September 28, 1864, on the farm in the Town of Mooers, N. Y., died March 7, 1888. He received his education in the Mooers High School and Houghton Seminary where he graduated in business in the class of 1888. He died at his home shortly after his return.

3609. ORIN EDWARD SOUTHWICK, son of Edward A. and Achsah (Bateman), born July 18, 1870, on the farm in the Town of Mooers, N. Y.; married, June 29, 1898, Frances Stewart, born March 1, 1877. He attended Potsdam State Normal and taught school for three terms, then engaging in farming with his father in the Town of Champlain. He later bought his father's farm, which he still owns. In 1912, he moved from the farm to Champlain village, purchasing the home where he now resides and entering the coal and lumber business. He was active in the development of, and is managing, the Champlain Telephone Company. Member of Sons of the Revolution in the State of New York. He was strongly interested in establishing and building the Methodist Episcopal Church at Perry's Mills, N. Y., and is now a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Champlain, N. Y., and active in its affairs. Children:

Marion S., born March 24, 1900, died Aug. 1, 1926.

Charles E., born June 4, 1902; married Annie Boulton, Dec. 24, 1929. Frances K., born Jan. 11, 1904; married Arthur B. Nelson, Sept. 1, 1923.

Lucille A., born Jan. 3, 1907.

Philip Orin, born Oct. 24, 1909, died Oct. 21, 1919.

36 to. LOUISE LORINDA SOUTHWICK, daughter of Edward A. and Achsah (Bateman), born January 17, 1876, on the farm in the Town of Mooers; married James A. Perry, of Perry's Mills, N. Y., October 17, 1899. She graduated from Potsdam State Normal in 1899, teaching two terms before and one term after graduating. After her marriage, she first resided at Perry's Mills in the house which was later converted into a school and at present serves that purpose. She is a member of, and was largely responsible for establishing, the Presbyterian Church at Windsor Shades, Va., (post office Boulevard, Va.), where they moved in 1910, and where Mr. Perry is engaged in lumbering and the manufacture of cooperage. Children:

Cecile A., born Dec. 6, 1903. Leonard S., born Oct. 10, 1905. Caroline L., born April 13, 1907.




Tenth Generation

MARION STEWART SOUTHWICK, daughter of Orin E. and Frances (Stewart), born March 24., 1900, on the farm in the Town of Champlain, N. Y., died August 1, 1926. Graduated from Champlain High School in 1919. Graduated from Syracuse University, 1923, with the A. B. degree. She was a charter member and the first president of Alpha Rho Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. After graduation she taught in Hobart High School, Hobart, N. Y., for three years, acting as preceptress during the third year. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Champlain, New York.

The following is taken from the Yearbook of Hobart High School for 1926-1927:


This booklet is dedicated to the memory of Miss Marion Southwick, who died at Plattsburgh, August 1, 1926.

Miss Southwick was a graduate of Syracuse University in the class of 1923. She came to Hobart that fall as a teacher in the academic department, remaining here until June last. Last year she was preceptress of the school and was re-elected for the coming school year, but declined the position to become a member of the academic teaching staff at Saugerties. Miss Southwick made a fine record here as a teacher, being not only successful and conscientious in class work but popular with the student body and loyal to the school and her co-workers. She was a young woman of fine character and educational attainments, coupled with a sweet personality that drew and held friends.

CHARLES EDWARD SOUTHWICK, son of Orin E. and Frances (Stewart), born June 4, 1902, on the farm in the Town of Champlain, N. Y.; married Annie Boulton, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Arthur Boulton, December 24, 1929. He graduated from Champlain High School in June, 1919, and entered Syracuse University in September, graduating from the same in 1923 with the degree, B. S. in Business, cum laude. He immediately entered the lumber and coal business with his father, at Champlain, N. Y. After two years, in 1925, they expanded the lumber business to include Rouses Point, N. Y., and he took charge of the Rouses Point office, which he at present conducts, residing at Champlain. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Champlain, N. Y., and is active in its affairs. One child:

David Charles, born Jan. 15, 1931.

FRANCES KATHERINE SOUTHWICK, daughter of Orin E. and Frances (Stewart), born January 11, 1904, on the farm in the Town of Champlain, N. Y.; married Arthur B. Nelson, September 1, 1923. She graduated from Champlain High School in 1922, attended Plattsburgh State Normal during that Summer, and taught for one year. They are living in Laurelton, Long Island, N. Y. Her husband is engaged in the manufacture and installation of store fixtures. Children:

Jean Frances, born Feb. 9, 1926. Bruce Arthur, born Oct. 5, 1930. Patricia Ann, born Oct. 19, 1931.

LUCILLE ACHSAH SOUTHWICK, daughter of Orin E. and Frances (Stewart), born January 3, 1907, on the farm in the Town of Champlain, N. Y. Graduated from Hobart High School, Hobart, N. Y., in 1926, and from Albany Business College in 1928. After a year of secretarial work, she spent a year in Paris and St. Moritz, and is now in the senior year at the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital School of Nurses.

GUY WARREN CHENEY, son of Hannah Elizabeth (Southwick) and Warren J. Cheney, born February 26, 1886, in Fort Covington, N. Y.; married Edith Madison Costello, February 22, 1911. Graduated from Corning Free Academy, 1904. Degree Ph. B., Syracuse University, 1908. Degree LL. B., Syracuse Law School, 1910. Member of Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity, and of Phi Delta Phi Law Fraternity. He was admitted to the Bar in 1910 and commenced the practice of law at Corning, N. Y. He spent two years at Washington, D. C., as secretary to Hon. A. B. Houghton, Member of Congress, who later became Ambassador to Germany and Great Britain. In 1921 he became District Attorney of Steuben County, and served until December 31, 1931. In 1932 he was elected president of the Associated School Boards and Trustees of the State of New York. He is a trustee of the First Presbyterian Church of Corning, a thirty-second degree Mason, charter member of Corning Rotary Club, member of Corning Club and of Corning Country Club, life member and Past Exalted Ruler of Corning Lodge of Elks, member of Odd Fellows, and member of the Republican State Committee. Children:

Warren Edward, born Jan. 5, 1912. Guy William, born Feb. 12, 1915.  John Southwick, horn April 13, 1916. David Godwin, born Feb. 11, 1922.

BRODER FREDERICK LUCAS, son of Marion C. (Southwick) and Fred Lucas, born January 14, 1902, on their farm at Perry's Mills, N. Y. Graduated from Champlain High School in 1919, studied agriculture at Cornell University, and graduated in 1923, receiving the B. S. degree. Member of Cornell Chapter of Alpha Zeta Fraternity. He farmed at Perry's Mills for six years, then entered research work and graduate study in 1929, going to the University of Tennessee as graduate assistant in Agricultural Economics that autumn, and there completing work for the degree, M. S. in Agriculture, in 1930. Studied at the University of California, Berkeley, Cal., as graduate assistant with the Giannini Foundation. Member of Omicron Delta Gamma Economics Fraternity. Awarded a fellowship by the Social Science Research Council (New York), on which he spent the autumn of 1931 in further study of Economics and Agricultural Economics at the University of California, and the spring of 1932 in similar work at Harvard. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Perry's Mills, N. Y., and considers that village his permanent residence.


CECILE AUDREY PERRY, daughter of Louise L. (Southwick) and James A. Perry, born December 6, 1903, in Perry's Mills, N. Y. Graduated from Toano High School, Toano, Va., in 1920. Attended Hollins College, graduating in 1924, with the A. B. degree. She taught for four years in Portlock High School, Portlock, Va., then in Maury High School in Norfolk, Va., where she now holds a position for the fifth successive year. In the summer of 1929 she did post-graduate work at William and Mary College Extension School in Norfolk, Va.

LEONARD SOUTHWICK PERRY, son of Louise L. (Southwick) and James A. Perry, born September 10, 1905, in Perry's Mills, N. Y. Graduated from Toano High School, Toano, Va., in 1924. He resides with his parents at Windsor Shades, Va., (postoffice, Boulevard, Va.), in New Kent County, and owns and operates a cooperage manufacturing business in Charles City County, Va.

CAROLINE LUCAS PERRY, daughter of Louise L. (Southwick) and James A. Perry, born April 13, 1907, in Perry's Mills, N. Y. Graduated from Toano High School, Toano, Va., in 1925. She entered training at Johnston-Willis Hospital, Richmond, Va., and graduated in 1928, blue seal in state examination. Since that date she has engaged in her profession in Richmond.


Eleventh Generation

    DAVID CHARLES SOUTHWICK, son of Charles E. and Annie (Boulton), was born on January 15, 1931.  David is the only member of the eleventh generation bearing the Southwick name as this record goes to press.

    It is interesting to note that the Southwick Genealogy shows that Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick possessed strong Christian convictions that have generally been adopted by their descendants down to the present time; and that Rev. Arthur Boulton and wife, grandparents of David, came to America from England in 1916 with the same Christian faith exemplified by the Southwick ancestors.

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