The Branch Family of New England

The Line of

William Farrand Branch






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the memory of



whose exemplary life
has been an inspiration
to the Branches who
have followed




FOR SOME YEARS the compilers have been gathering the records of their ancestors. They have discovered that such records become more difficult to unearth—and often disappear entirely— as the years go by. They here present the result of their research for the benefit of genealogists.

           Grateful acknowledgments are tendered to all those who  have assisted in piecing together this record; and the compilers wish particularly to mention Mrs. Edith Flint Keeler of Westborough, Mass., Miss Eva Walker of Whiting, Vt., Mrs. Ella Walker Fisher of Vergennes, Vt., Mrs. Mary Angeline Hardin of Carthage, Mo., and Mrs. Alice F. Thomas of Burlington, Vt.

           Of that portion relating to the Branch Family in England—prior to the emigration of the descendants of Richard Branch to Virginia and to New England—much has been drawn from Branch of Abingdon, by James Branch Cabell, to whom a large debt of gratitude is acknowledged.




The Branch Family of England


Indirect Ancestors


THERE is no authentic record of the Branch line prior to 1500, but there are many facts that prove the existence of the family more than four centuries earlier. Several of the lists of "the names of the great men who crossed the sea with the conqueror, William the Vigorous" (Chronicle of John Brompton), still exist in the records of old churches. Among these is found first mention of the name—spelled usually Braunche, although the Chronicle of John Brompton uses the name Braunz. There seems to be no doubt but that a Branch was with William the Conqueror at Hastings in 1066 and is so recorded in the Roll of Battle Abbey.

           The next known mention of the name is in the Chronicle of Matthew Paris (Bohn Edition, III, 303), which states that Peter Branch was sent in 1258 to Pope Alexander IV, as the representative of the English nobles then in revolt against the King.

          James Branch Cabell in "Branch of Abingdon" notes that "in the sixteenth century unenviable fame attached itself to the name of WILLIAM BRANCH, sometimes known as William Flower, one of the most notorious of the Protestant sufferers during the reign of Mary I.

 "He had formerly been a monk at Ely, but had abjured the Roman Catholic religion to become a very zealous Protestant; so that, on Easter Day, 1555, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, during the actual celebration of the Holy Communion, William Branch attacked and stabbed the officiating priest, although not mortally.

           "He was brought before Edmund Bonner, then Bishop of London, who argued with him for a long while upon religious matters, and eventually offered him a pardon on condition that he recant his Protestant opinions and conform to the Church of Rome.

           "William Branch refused; and, in consequence, the hand with which he had committed the crime having first been severed from his wrist, he was chained to a stake before St. Margaret's Chapel, which was the scene of the atrocity, and there burned alive.

           "Another member of the family to win to eminence was the at-one-time famous SIR JOHN BRANCH, who became Lord Mayor of London in 1580. He died in 1588, being then seventy-three years of age, leaving no male descendants. A brief account of his ancestry is given in the 1568 Visitation of London. (Harleian Publications, I, 13)

           "Sir John Branch bore the same arms as the Branches of Abingdon, from whom the Branches of Virginia trace descent, and was evidently a collateral relation of the Branches of Virginia, but his pedigree as given is unfortunately of too brief a nature to establish the exact relationship.

           "It is of interest to note that this Sir John Branch was the Knight Bachelor created by Queen Elizabeth immediately before the same honor was conferred on Sir Francis Drake."

           The Coat of Arms of the descendants of the Branches of Abingdon are: Argent, a lion rampant gules, armed azure, oppressed by a bend sable. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a cock's head azure, combed gules, holding a branch vert.


  The Branch Family of England


Direct Ancestors



 RICHARD BRANCH, a woolen draper, settled in Abingdon, Berkshire, England, in the early part of the sixteenth century. He was a man of considerable importance, being for many years head of the Fraternity of the Holy Cross. Originally this Guild had been founded for the dispensation of charity, but a long and active existence, together with ownership of considerable property, had made it the center of the civic life of Abingdon. J. Branch Cabell in "Branch of Abingdon" (pp. 32-37) has given an interesting picture of this organization and of its work.

           Richard Branch married Elizabeth Beauforest, daughter of Thomas Beauforest of Deane, Gloucester County. He was buried in the north or Jesus Aisle of St. Helen's Church on 16 September, 1544. His will, dated 27 August, 1544, is as follows:


          To the high altar of St. Elen's church 21s. to be prayed for.

          To Thomas Branche my eldest son a feather bed, a covering with a mitre upon it, and 10s.

          To my son William Branche my gown that I had of Mr. Wodword and 10s.

          To Thomas Branche my youngest son 20s.

          To my son John Branche a black gown lined with St. Thomas wolsted and 10s.

          To Margery my daughter a girdle with a dymycent of silver and gilt, a silver spoon, all her grandfather's bequests unto her, a saucer of the new fashion and 20S.

          To Marion my daughter a pair of jet beads with silver gawds, a silver spoon, beside the one that Mr. Wodword gave her, and 20s.

          If any of my forenamed children die before they come to years of discretion, their parts shall be distributed amongst those that shall then be on live.

          Residuary legatee and executrix, my wife Elizabeth. Overseers, Humfrey Bostock and Thomas (blank).

          Witnesses: Sir William Druett, brotherhood priest, Richard Maiot, Humfrey Bostoke, Thomas Erle. No Probate. (Archdeaconry of Berks: Register C; 164.)

          The "Mr. Wodword" mentioned in the preceding will was Lionel Wodward of Abingdon, who, with Humphrey Bostock, Thomas Earle and Richard Mayott also mentioned, was a Master of the Fraternity of the Holy Cross during Richard Branch's incumbency. Richard Mayott was afterward the first Mayor of Abingdon after the incorporation of the Borough of Abingdon in 155'5, at which time Humphrey Bostock was named as one of the first principal burgesses. (J. Branch Cabell: Branch of Abingdon, pp. 32-37.)


Thomas, of London, d. 1565.

William, of Abingdon, d. 1602; from whom the Branches of Virginia descend.

JOHN, of Kent, b. about 1515; d. 1588; from whom the Branches of Massachusetts descend.

Thomas, d. 1545-6, unmarried.

Amy, d. 1540-1, unmarried.

Margery, d. 1545-6, unmarried.

Marian, d. 1545-6, unmarried.



JOHN BRANCH, third son of Richard, was born about 1515. He was married in Abingdon and had at least one son, also named John, who was baptised at St. Helen's, November 3, 1578. He moved to Kent County, England, soon after 1578 and died there in 1588, aged 73. He figured in a Chancery suit which he brought against Thomas Brudenell, William Brudenell and Francis Brudenell (London Chancery Pleadings: Reign of Elizabeth; Bundle 20, No. 59) over the possession of land at Hedcorn Mortimer in Kent.

          Mention of him in wills probated at Archdeaconry of Berks are:

B:12 Will of Elizabeth King of Fyfield, dated 25 May, 1545, witnessed by John Branche.

B:22 Will of John Shorebuck of Fyfield, dated 14 July, I545, witnessed by John Branche.

D:180 Will of John Blackgrove of Watchfield, dated 8 April, 1557, bequeathed to John Branche, who signed as a witness.


                   JOHN, bapt. 1578.



JOHN BRANCH, only known son of John, son of Richard and Elizabeth, was baptised at St. Helen's Church, Abingdon, November 3, 1578. Little is known concerning his life. He probably lived as a youth at Hedcorn Mortimer in Kent County and later removed to High Holden, a few miles away. It is known that he had at least one son, although the name of his wife and the date of his marriage are unknown. This son was Peter Branch, who was born at High Holden, Kent County, on February 27, 1596. John Branch died in 1608.


                   PETER,1 b. at High Holden, Kent, Feb. 27, 1596.



Branch Family of New England

 First Generation

PETER BRANCH,1 son of John, was born at High Holden, Kent County, England, on February 27, 1596. He married at High Holden on January 13, 1625, Elizabeth Gillame, who died August 9, 1632, leaving him with one son, John,2 born in 1628.

          "More than two centuries ago . . . England was growing jealous of her colonies, and decided to stop emigration. Therefore, in 1638, when eight ships were preparing to sail for America, laden with supplies and passengers, it was reported that they were to be detained. The captain of one of these ships, called the "Castle", hearing of the report, hastened his passengers aboard and set sail before being officially detained." (A. E. Paulson, Branch Family History)

          Peter Branch1 and his son, John2, were passengers on board this boat. Peter was destined never to see the land that he planned to make his home. He died on the voyage and was buried at sea, leaving his ten year old son to the care of Thomas Wilborne, an old friend from Kent County who was residing in Scituate, Massachusetts.

          His will, dated 16 June, 1638, is recorded in Boston, (First Book of Suffolk Wills, page 16), as follows:

          THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF PEETER BRANCH, late of Halden in Kent of owld England Carpenter, being weake in bodye but of good & perfect sence and Memorye.

           I will & bequeath and comitt unto Thomas Wilborne, late of Fonterden in Kent in ould England, my sonne, John Branch to have the charge of him providinge for him, & overseeinge him always a carefull, and ffaithfull feafeere, duringe the terme of eleven yeares from henceforth Dated the sixteenth Dave of June 1638. And also I comitt into his hands, duringe the terme of yt time of eleven yeares, my whole estate to use this whole terme of time payinge the sayde estate at the end of this terme to the sayde John Branch, sonne of the aforesayd Peeter Branch, or the worth thereof, in good and lawfull monye, beinge equally preised, by Judiciall men, but my minde and will is that the sayd Thomas Wiborne shall discharge all my debtes out of the afore-mentioned estate which I leave in his hands ifurthermore my will is, that if my sonne shall dye before he come to the end of this time, that then the saide Thomas Wilborne shall give to widowe Igleden the late wife of Stephen Igelden, or to his Children, or to hir children she had by him, the full some of five pounds of good and lawfull monye.

          Item, I will and bequeath to Thomas Wilborne for the keepinge of my Sonne the full some of eight pounds of good & lawfull monye, If that my sonne John shall dye before the terme of the first fower years be expired, but if that he dye not within this terme of fower years but afterwards within the terme of eleven yeares, that then it shalbe imployed as is before, & shalbe after,

Item I will and bequeath if that my sonne John shall dye before the terme of eleven years be expired, that then what remaynes in the hands of the said Thomas Wilborne, shalbe given to the use of the pore of those three congregations, of Concord of Sittuate & to that congregation wick A Company, that goes in the Shipp called the Castle, if there be a company of them if not then to be devided the aforesd two congregations, only provided that the sayed Thomas Wilborne shall have the use of the said eight pownds till the eleven years be expired, though he dye not within the fower years, I doe also ordeine my sonne John Branch sole Executor, & Thomas Wiborne my feafeer to whom I comitt the oversight of this my last will and testament.

 Suffolk s.s.            Probate Court

                   A true copy, Attest, Arthur W. Sullivan, Register.


                   JOHN,2 b. 1628; m. Mary Speed; d. May 17, 1711.

 Second Generation

 JOHN BRANCH,2 only son of Peter,1 was born at High Holden, Kent County, England, in 1628. After losing his father at sea in 1638, he landed at Scituate, Massachusetts, and, by the terms of his father's will, was placed under the guardianship of Thomas Wilborne, a saddler, to learn the saddler's trade. In 1643 he moved to Duxbury and, several years later, to Marshfield, where he purchased and named Branch's Island. On December 6, 1652, he married Mary Speed at Marshfield. He died on May 17, 1711.


          John,3 b. 1654; killed in King Philip's War, 1676, at Rehoboth and buried there.

          Elizabeth,3 b. Oct. 14, 1656; m. Abel Cook at Preston, Conn., June 22, 1677.

          PETER,3 b. May 28, 1659; m. Hannah Lincoln.

          Thomas,3 b. Feb. 18, 1661; d. Jan. 27, 1683, at Boston.

          Mercy,3 b. Nov. 28, 1664; m. Ebenezer Spooner.

          Experience,3 b. 1669; m. Lydia------, who d. Nov. 1699.



 Third Generation

PETER BRANCH,3 the third child of John2 and Mary, was born on May 28, 1659, at Branch's Island, Marshfield, Massachusetts. At the age of twenty-one he moved to Taunton, Massachusetts, where he married Hannah Lincoln, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Austin) Lincoln, and niece of Samuel—from whom Abraham Lincoln traced his descent—and granddaughter of Thomas Lincoln, the miller. She was born March 15, 1663, and died January 16, 1732.

    Thomas Lincoln, the miller, was born in 1603. He came to America in 1633 and settled in Taunton, Massachusetts, where he built and operated the old mill in which three commissioners from Boston met King Philip for explanation of his hostile maneuvers. He married Mary Stacy, daughter of Richard Stacy. Thomas Lincoln died in 1683.

    Peter Branch moved to Norwich, Connecticut, in 1680, and is listed as one of the nineteen persons to petition the Legislature for the incorporation of New Preston as an independent town in October, 1686. The petition was granted in January, 1687. A quit-claim and confirmatory deed of the new township, comprising a tract five miles in length between Stonington and Norwich, was obtained from the Mohegan Sachem on March 17, 1687. It purports to be from "Oaneco to Capt. James Fitch, Capt. Josiah Standish, Thomas Parke, Sen., Jonathan Tracy, Joseph Morgan, and all the rest of the inhabitants living in New Preston", and is signed by the mark of Oanaco, and witnessed by John Morgan, John Stanton, and the mark of John Uncas. (History of Norwich. Caulkins. pp. 245-255.)

           Peter Branch died on December 27, 1713.


          Mary,4 b. Jan. 28, 1685.

          Hannah,4 b. July 12, 1688.

          Elizabeth,4 b. March 5, 1691.

          JOHN,4 b. March 3, 1694, at Norwich, Conn.; m. Martha Williams.






 Fourth Generation

JOHN BRANCH4, son of Peter3 and Hannah, was born at Norwich, Connecticut, on March 3, 1694. On October 20, 1726, he married Martha Williams, daughter of Nicholas and Dorcas (Davison) Williams. He made his home in Preston, Connecticut, on what is still sometimes called Branch Hill. The house that he built is still used as a habitation. He died on January 3, 17—


Olive,5 m. ------- Northrup.

JOHN,5 b. Oct. 7, 1729, at Preston, Conn.; m. Priscilla Tracy.

Dorcas,5 m. July 30, 1752.

Zilpha,5 b. 1735; d. June 28, 1800, at Whiting, Vt., and is buried there.

Huldah,5 b. 1737.

Hezekiah,5 b. 1739.

Shubal,5 b. 1740; m. 1785, at Whiting, Vt.

Amariah,5 b. July 26, 1741 ; m. Sarah Huntington at Preston, Conn.

Asa,5 bapt. April 1, 1744; m. Eliza Tracy, Sept. 18, 1766.

Abel,5 b. March 3, 1747 ; unmarried.



 Fifth Generation

JOHN BRANCH,5 son of John4 and Martha, was born at Branch Hill, in Preston, Connecticut, on October 7, 1729. On January 5, 1758, he married Priscilla Tracy, daughter of Samuel and Esther (Richmond) Tracy, at Preston. He moved to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in 1767, after the fifth child was born.

          Although forty-seven years of age at the time, on June 30, 1777, he marched from Pittsfield to Fort Ann, under the command of Captain John Strong, in the regiment of Colonel John Brown, in the defense of Fort Ticonderoga, which was threatened by the advance of General Burgoyne up Lake Champlain. (Record Index to Military Archives, Massachusetts, Vol. 146, p. 490, and Vol. 23, p. 13) For some unknown reason, but probably on account of the death of his son, Simeon, he was dismissed on July 26, 1777.

          While on that march, he saw and fell in love with a Quaker's farm at Whiting, Vermont. In 1785, John5 traded the Pittsfield property for the Frank Daniels place in Whiting, and moved there with his family and his brothers Abel and Shubal. He died there on March 5, 1812, and his wife, Priscilla, died, also in Whiting, on October 5, 1813. They were buried in a small burying ground in the south part of Whiting, but their bodies were removed, in 1929, by John Branch of St. Albans, Vermont, to the Whiting Cemetery, where the original stones, carefully repaired, were erected. The following inscriptions are on a single large slab, placed horizontally:

Priscilla                                    John Branch

wife of                                      Died Mar. 5, 1812

James Noble                            in the 83 year

former relict of                         of his age.
John Branch

Died Oct. 5, 1813

in her 74 year.

Why loving friends indulge that tear,

Why trembling view my dark abode ?

Though you with me must moulder here

Yet faith can wing the soul to God.

 All six daughters married at or near Whiting, and all were left widows. None married again.


Abe1,6 b. Oct. 8, 1758; d. 1800. Unmarried.

Lucy,6 b. Oct. 9, 1760; m. Asa Parks at Whiting.

Esther,6 b. March 8, 1763; m.  -------- Babcock.

Simeon,6 b. June 19, 1765; d. 1777.

Levina,6 b. Aug. 8, 1767; m. Levi Walker at Whiting. She was the grandmother of Eva Walker, of Whiting, who died in 1933.

John,6 b. Oct. 7, 1769; m. Elizabeth Abel; d. 1839. He was the father of Dr. John Branch of St. Albans, Vt., and grandfather of John Branch, who moved the bodies of John and Priscilla.

SHUBAL,6 b. July 24, 1772, at Pittsfield, Mass.; m. Freelove Rice.

Priscilla,6 m. ---- Tracy.

Lydia,6 b. 1777; m. Jeremiah Hall, the inventor of the circular saw ; lived in Middlebury, Vt. In 1863 she was living with her nephew, Ables Walker, in Whiting; buried there in an unmarked grave.

Parthena,6 m. Ebenezer Keeler; d. at Hammond, N. Y. Ancestor of Mrs. Edith Flint Keeler of Westborough, Mass.



 Sixth Generation

SHUBAL BRANCH,6 son of John5 and Priscilla, was born on July 24, 1772, at Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He moved with his parents to Whiting, Vermont, in 1785, and there married Freelove Rice on January I, 1795. Most of his life was apparently spent in Whiting. He died January 2, 1815, at Richmond, Vermont.



Horace H.7

JOHN HARVEY,7 b. July 2, 1799; m. Samantha Gaines.

Nancy. 7

Mary Ann. 7


William,7 b. April 20, 1809; m. Mar. 24, 1853. He was the father of Rev. Herbert Branch of Long Beach, Cal.

Charles W.7




 Seventh Generation


JOHN HARVEY BRANCH,7 son of Shubal6 and Freelove, was born July 2, 1799, in Whiting, Vermont. In 1824 he was living in Panton, Vermont, and on June 10th of that year he married Samantha Gaines, daughter of Jonathan and Betsy (Farrand) Gaines.

          Lieutenant Bethuel Farrand, grandfather of Samantha Gaines, was born October 4, 1741. On December 26, 1763, he married Rhoda Smith, (second daughter of Samuel Smith), who died at Bridgeport, Vt., June 30, 1839, aged 92 years. He joined the Continental Army in 1775, and in June, 1776, was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Jersey Provincials, Capt. Seeley' s Company, Col. John Memson's Regiment. (Officers and Men of New Jersey. Stroker. page 590.) He took part in the battles of Long Island, White Plains, Monmouth, Connecticut Farms, Springfield, and in many skirmishes. He died May 27, 1794, in Morris County, N.J. He had thirteen children : Daniel (d. Feb., 1829), Nathan (d. Apl. 1802), Betsy, Isaac, Moses, Hannah, Bethuel, Samuel (d. in infancy), Samuel (2), Rebecca, Richard and Eleanor (twins), and Nancy.

          Betsy Farrand, the third child, was born in 1770 ; married Jonathan Gaines (1760-1842); died June 17, 1836. She had five children :

          Marie Gaines, m. Seth Warner.

          Anne Gaines, m. Benaiah Ferris.

          Harriet Gaines, m. Joseph Shedd.

          Samantha Gaines, m. John Harvey Branch.

          Farrand Gaines, m. Mary Hopkins.

           John Harvey Branch sold his farm in Panton in March, 1836, and moved to Canton, New York, where he settled on a farm. On this trip westward, his family, consisting of his wife and four children, and his household goods, were loaded on a long sleigh drawn by two horses, while he rode a third horse. Years later his son, Walter C., then six years old, told of the journey down the Vermont shore, crossing Lake Champlain on the ice somewhere in the vicinity of Rouses Point, and proceeding through Champlain and Chateaugay to Canton.

          About 1860, he again sold his farm and moved to Norfolk, New York, where he purchased a farm located about four miles northeast of Norfolk, on the Lost Nation Road. Unfortunately, the old homestead burned some twenty-five years ago, so that only the stone foundation remains to mark the spot, but the double row of maple trees which he planted, and which extend a quarter of a mile in each direction from the house, still stand, as do the two old barns which are directly across the road from the house.

          By 1870 he had sold the .farm near Norfolk, and purchased a house in Hewittville, New York, on the high bank of the Raquette River. This became his home, and his children's home, for many years. His wife died there on December 27, 1882, and he survived her only two years. They are both buried in the Bixby Cemetery, about three miles out of Norfolk on the Lost Nation Road.

          It is to be regretted that several years later his daughter, Eliza Ann, had the old markers showing the dates of their deaths, together with the markers of three children, replaced by a plain but well-proportioned brown stone monument with only the name BRANCH inscribed on it. In front of this monument, stretching the width of the lot, are the small markers with the following names—but no dates:

Georgie       Harvey        Pamelia       William       Mother        Father         Eliza A.

           In addition to being a very successful farmer, John Harvey Branch was a wheelwright and casket-maker.


Mary Caroline,8 b. May 28, 1825; to. John Shepherd.

Florence Jane,8 b. Oct. 23, 1826; m. Jesse S. Freeman.

WALTER C.,8 b. Feb. 5, 1830; m. (I) Sylvia Pamelia Lawson, (2) Eunice L. Monroe.

Eliza Ann,8 b. Sept. 5, 1832; d. Dec. 9, 1914, unmarried.

Harriet C.,8 b. April 10, 1836; m. Daniel O. Lawrence.

Helen M.,8 b. Feb. 8, 1838 ; m. Walter Howe.

William Farrand,8 b. July 27, 1840; d. Nov. 12, 1862, unmarried. George,8 d. in infancy, buried in Bixby Cemetery, Norfolk, N. Y.

Harvey,8 d. in infancy, buried in Bixby Cemetery, Norfolk, N. Y.



 Eighth Generation


WALTER C. BRANCH,8 son of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born in Panton, Vermont, on February 5, 1830. He accompanied his parents on the long trip to Canton, New York, in 1836, and attended district school in his new home. About 1850 the family moved to Norfolk, New York. In 1860 Walter married Sylvia Pamelia Lawson of Norfolk, and went to live on a farm at Lost Nation, about two miles northeast of his father's farm. A daughter, Sylvia,9 was born on March 27, 1861. His wife having died during the following year, Walter returned to his father's house.

          About 1864 Walter moved to Hewittville, New York, with his parents, and continued to live with them until his second marriage. On May 11, 1869, he was married to Eunice L. Monroe, daughter of George A. and Esther V. (Lane) Monroe. The ceremony was performed at Potsdam by Rev. J. W. Daniels, the Baptist minister.

          He bought the house later known as the Shores place, diagonally across the road from his father's, and it was here that his two sons, George Harvey,9 and William Farrand,9 were born.

          About 1875, upon the death of Jesse S. Freeman, the husband of his sister Jane, he rented the Freeman farm, while she returned to her father's home at Hewittville. The Freeman farm was located approximately a mile north of Hewittville, on a hill overlooking the Raquette River, and fully a quarter of a mile back from the road. The entrance drive passed through a low, marshy place, which was spanned by a flimsy wooden bridge. One night in the early Spring of 1880, while driving home from an entertainment at the nearby schoolhouse, Walter missed the bridge in the darkness and the whole family was overturned into the creek. His wife, Eunice, caught a cold from this misadventure from which she never recovered; her lungs were affected, and later in the year it became necessary for them to give up the farm and live with her mother. Troubles piled up on them; Eunice's mother died in August, 1881, and she became, herself, too ill to carry on the household. The year 1882 was the climax. On October 22nd of that year Walter's wife died at the age of thirty-nine, and was buried in the Hewittville Cemetery, and on December 27th his mother died and was buried at Norfolk.

          For the following few years the family was broken up: William went to live with his uncle, Charles S. Monroe, at Hewittville; George lived with another uncle, George Monroe, a doctor in South Canton; while the father, Walter, went to Lowell, Massachusetts, to live with his daughter, Sylvia, who had married Sylvas C. Shipman. In 1884 he was temporarily recalled to Hewittville by the death of his father. In 1885 his daughter, Sylvia, died in Lowell, and he returned to Hewittville and settled in the family home with his sisters, Jane and Eliza (Lill), and his two sons. He opened a grocery store and meat market in 1885, having sold his house to raise the necessary funds. In 1890 he sold this business to John Cross. He died at Hewittville on August 15, 1907, and is buried beside his wife, Eunice, in the Hewittville Cemetery.

           Child by first wife:

                   Sylvia S.,9 b. March 27, 1861 ; m. Sylvas C. Shipman.

          Children by second wife:

                   George Harvey,9 b. Feb. 27, 1870 ; m. Mattie Bell Hazen.

                   WILLIAM FARRAND,9 b. Oct. 12, 1873 ; m. Mary Ellen Eddy.

  While essentially concerned with the ancestry of William Farrand Branch,9 the compilers are here including brief sketches of the brothers and sisters of Walter C. Branch,8 together with some data regarding their descendants.

  MARY CAROLINE BRANCH,8 daughter of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born May 28, 1825, in Panton, Vermont. She married John Shepherd, and moved to Sauk Center, Minnesota. He was drowned in Sauk Lake on November 12, 1893. She died and is buried there. According to a letter recently received from Mrs. Mary L. Hardin of Carthage, Missouri, they had three sons.


Edward Shepherd, who moved to Minneapolis and died about 1915, leaving two sons, Roland and William. Roland moved, leaving no address ; William went to the Philippines.

Walter Shepherd.

John Shepherd, who studied law and died after being admitted to the bar.

FLORENCE JANE BRANCH,8 daughter of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born October 23, 1826, in Panton, Vermont. She became the second wife of Jesse S. Freeman on February 21, 1866. He was a farmer (born 1800) living on the Freeman Farm on the Hewittville-Norwood road that follows the west bank of the Raquette River. It was located about a mile north of Hewittville, a quarter of a mile back from the road towards the river, on a hill overlooking, from the south, the widest part of the lake formed by the Norwood Paper Company's dam. The house itself was destroyed about twenty-five years ago when the dam raised and flooded the land in front of it.

          Her husband having died on April 28, 1875, she moved back to her parents' home, renting the Freeman Farm to her brother, Walter. She died at the old home at Hewittville, April 2, 1910, and is buried in the Freeman lot there.


          George H. Freeman, b. Oct. 24, 1867; d. June 1, 1871, and is buried in the Freeman lot.

 ELIZA ANN BRANCH,8 daughter of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born September 5, 1832, in Panton, Vermont. She was the youngest child when her father moved from Panton to Canton, New York. She attended the district school in Canton until she had completed the eighth grade. Although she never attended school again, she became a very intellectual woman through her own efforts. She was proficient in several languages, including German, Latin, French and Spanish, and in mathematics, particularly algebra and geometry. By examination she secured a First Grade Certificate, and taught in Canton for several years, leaving there to go West, where she spent a few years with one of her sisters, probably Caroline, in Minnesota. She taught school while in the West, but returned to teach in Parrishville, New York. A few years later she gave up this school to return to Hewittville, where she lived with her brother, Walter, and sister, Jane, teaching in the district school until about 1885.

          It was largely through the influence and persuasion of "Aunt Lill" that her two nephews, George and William, continued their education beyond the local district school. She was very highly esteemed by them both, and a never-failing source of inspiration.

          Eliza Ann was the last surviving child of John Harvey and Samantha, and died at the age of eighty-two, on December 9, 1914, at Hewittville, and is buried in the Branch lot in the Bixby Cemetery at Norfolk.


 HARRIET C. BRANCH,8 daughter of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born April 10, 1836, at Canton, New York, less than a month after the family had completed their trek from Vermont. She married Daniel O. Lawrence at Canton on October 13, 1858, and moved to Yankton, South Dakota, where she died on September 1, 1904.


 Carrie Eliza Lawrence, b. July 25, 1859; d. Dec. 22, 1918, unmarried.

 Mary Angeline Lawrence, b. Mar. 27, 1861 ; m. Franklin. P. Hardin on April 10, 1883, and had five children. Lives at Carthage, Mo.

 Cora Elizabeth Hardin, b. Apl. 20, 1884.; m. Albert Amundsen.

     Five children:

     Lawrence H. Amundsen, b. Sept. 23, 1909.

     Albert F. Amundsen, b. April 2      5, 1911.

     Ann Christine Amundsen, b. Ang. 2, 1915.   [Aug]

     Angeline Marie Amundsen, b. Dec. 20, 1916.

     Dorothy Nadine Amundsen, b. Nov. 4., 1922. 

 Helen Harriett Hardin, b. Feb. 9, 1886; d. Mar. 5, 1886.

 Arthur Lawrence Hardin, b. June 7, 1887; m. Mary Rath.

           Eight children:

           Oliver Rath Hardin, b. Mar. 12, 1915.

           Alice Lurene Hardin, b. Nov. 2, 1916.

           Florence Edith Hardin, b. Oct. 7, 1918.

           Andrew Franklin Hardin, b. Aug. 6, 1920.

           Thomas Eugene Hardin, b. Mar. 24, 1922.

           Robert Calvin Hardin, b. Jan. 27,1924.

           Catherine Hardin, b. Jan. 6, 1926.

           George Hardin, b. Mar. 1928.

 Guida Willard Hardin, b. July 28,1892; m. (1) Omer Mandeville, (a) Robert L. Ellis.

Ralph Franklin Hardin, b. Jan. 25, 1896; m. Catherine Jones.

 Cora Samantha Lawrence, b. June 12, 1863; m. Ellery H. Dunn and had eight children; d. Aug. 6, 1909.

          Herbert Dunn, b. Sept. 30, 1887.

          Jennie Dunn, b. Feb. 16, 1888; d. Dec. 8, 1891.

          Edgar S. Dunn, b. Nov. 20, 1890. Harold Dunn, b. Jan. 14, 1893.

          Harvey Dunn.

          William McKinley Dunn.

          Charlotte Dunn.

          Marion Dunn.

 William Farrand Lawrence, b. April 6, 1865; m. Matilda Thorson in December, 1888; d. in 1907. Six children :

          Ernest C. Lawrence, b. Sept. 7, 1889.

          Helen E. Lawrence, b. April 13, 1890; m.   -----Thompson.

          Carrie Lawrence, b. June 4, 1893; m. B. F. Hostetler.

          Frances Lawrence, b. Aug. 29, 1895; m.-----McDonald.
          Harvey Lawrence.

          Olive Lawrence, m. ----- Hall.

 Harriet Angenett Lawrence, b. April 18, 1868; m. Gilmore Fry on Jan. 1, 1896, and had three children; d. Oct. 29, 1928.

          Agnes Fry, b. Nov. 3, 1895; m. ------Sherwood. Daughter :

                   Phyllis Sherwood.

          Alice Fry, b. June 23, 1897. Lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

          Willard Fry.

 Olive May Lawrence, b. Jan. 24, 1870; d. Oct. 14, 1895, unmarried.

 Egbert Eugene Lawrence, b. Feb. 4, 1876; m. Selma Olson and had five children :

Albert E. Lawrence, b. Sept. 17, 1894; m. Letha Peterson and had six children: Delpha Irene, Francis Alberta, Alice Virginia, Albert LeRoy, Wilbert Eugene, Geraldine Aletha.

David Lawrence, b. April 6, 1896; m. Alice Ellingson and had seven children: Clifford, Leland, Leona, Ellsworth, Arlena, David Osro, Verna.

Hattie Lawrence, b. Feb. 26, 1898; m. William Smith and had two children : Earl, Allan.

Wesley Lawrence, b. June 7, 1900; m. Rose ------ and had two daughters.

Paul Lawrence, b. May 14, 1902.

Arthur C. Lawrence, b. April 11, 1877; d. Nov. 29, 1879.

Winifred Branch Lawrence, b. Nov, 23, 1880; m. Arthur Hoyer in 1907; d. June 22, 1933. Two children :

          Raymond E. Hoyer, b. Oct. 10, 1910.

          Irma Joyce Hoyer, b. Sept, 9, 1914.


HELEN M. BRANCH,8 daughter of John Harvey 7 and Samantha, was born on February 8, 1838, at Canton, New York. She married Elon Walter Howe on March 20, 1863.  He was born December 2, 1834, at Jericho, Vermont, and died on August 6, 1910, at Pasadena, California. They lived for many years on farms, first at West Potsdam, then at Diana, near Carthage, New York. Later they moved to a farm about a mile from Potsdam on the Sissonville road, their two boys attending school in Potsdam. They sold the farm and bought a house in Potsdam, near the Fair Grounds. Their sons, William and Arthur, left home to settle in the West, and in February, 1898, they sold their property in Potsdam to join their sons. The father went to live with Arthur at Leon, Iowa, but Helen, hearing that William and his wife, Mabel, were going to Alaska—attracted by the Yukon gold rush—refused to let them go without her. The trip, however, proved to be too much for her, and she died at Lake Tagish, Northwest Territory, on May 6, 1898. She is buried in West Potsdam, New York.


          William Frederick Howe, b. Sept. 22, 1866, in West Potsdam, N. Y.; m. Mabel F. Short on Sept. 4, 1895. One child :

Evelyn Howe, b. July 2, 1905; m. William E. Hullinger on June 9, 1926. Lives at Los Angeles, Cal.

          Arthur W. Howe, b. Sept. 17, 1874, in Diana, N. Y.; m. Roxana Grace Gardner, of Iowa City, Iowa, on June 8, 1897. Lives at Alhambra, Cal. Three children:

Helen Grace Howe, h. May 3, 1898, at Leon, Iowa ; m. Walter W. Taylor. Lives at Summerland, Cal.

Florence Enid Howe, b. June 10, 1899, at Leon, Iowa ; m. Elec A. Hoffman. Lives at Los Angeles, Cal.

Marjorie Elaine Howe, b. Sept. 19, 1911 , at Pasadena, Cal. ; m. C. Hadley Morris. Lives at Los Angeles, Cal.


WILLIAM FARRAND BRANCH,8 son of John Harvey7 and Samantha, was born on July 27, 1840, at Canton, New York. He studied law in Potsdam, but gave up his studies to enroll as a private in Company M., Eleventh New York Cavalry at Canton. He entered service at Albany on September 15, 1862. His diary, describing the trip from his home to Albany by train, and thence by boat to New York, is in the possession of William Farrand Branch of the next generation. Within a few weeks of his arrival in New York, he was invalided to Camp Relief Hospital, where he died on November 12, 1862. He was buried in the Bixby Cemetery at Norfolk. N. Y.



Ninth Generation

WILLIAM FARRAND BRANCH,9 son of Walter C.8 and Eunice, was born on October 12, 1873, in Hewittville, New York. His mother died when he was nine years old, and for the following three years he lived with his uncle, Charles Monroe, in Hewittville, and afterwards with his father and two aunts, Jane and Eliza (Lill).

          He attended school at Hewittville until 1890, and the Potsdam Normal School until 1892. After teaching school in Sissonville, New York, for a year, he became a druggist's apprentice for Charles Bowen, in Norwood, New York. In September, 1895, he entered the Albany School of Pharmacy for a two-year course. During the summer of 1896 he worked for Charles Ellis in Clayton, New York, and after his graduation in 1897, for Frank Kendall at Saranac Lake, New York. He returned to Clayton for a short while, and on October 1, 1897, became pharmacist for Benjamin C. Moore at Champlain, New York.

          He worked in Champlain for three years, meeting there Mary Ellen Eddy, whom he married on July 15, 1900. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Lloyd Ward, Methodist minister, at the home of her father, Albert J. Eddy, in Lyon Mountain, New York.

  Mary Ellen Eddy was born at Dannemora, N. Y., Sept. 22, 1875. She attended public school in Lyon Mountain, N. Y., and the Plattsburgh Normal School, graduating in 1897. In September of that year she became the Fourth Grade teacher in Champlain, N. Y., where she taught until June, 1900. She married William Farrand Branch on July 15, 1900.

  She is a member of the Clionian Sorority, the Presbyterian Church of Champlain, Northern Chapter, No. 276, 0. E. S., and the Saranac Chapter of the D. A. R.

  Her ancestry also dates back to the early Massachusetts Colony. Her father, Albert Jerome Eddy, (m. Lydia A. Gonyo) was the son of George Washington Danforth Eddy (m. Saphronia Brockway Lewis), who was the son of John Eddy (m. Fannie Southwick). For the complete history of this line, see "The Eddy Family in America", p. 206, No. 825.)

           A few months before his marriage, he had taken over the management of a drug store in Malone, New York, for Frank Spencer. On October 25, 1900, he purchased 0. L. Chapin's drug business in Champlain, and has made his home in that town since that time. In 1913, in addition to his drug store, he took the Ford Agency for that section. He sold the drug store in 1923, and the automobile business in 1925, keeping only the Broder and Branch Insurance Agency, which he had acquired in partnership with William Broder from the estate of Thomas H. Dickinson in 1915. This is one of the oldest agencies in Clinton County, having been formed during the early part of the last century. William Farrand Branch became the sole owner of this agency in 1918.

          This retired life, however, did not appeal to him, so he applied for service as Deputy Collector of Customs, and on September 4, 1926, he was appointed at Trout River, New York, but was soon transferred to Malone, and on February 3, 1927, was stationed at his home town, Champlain.

          He is a member of the Sons of the Revolution, the New York State Historical Association, the Vermont Historical Society, and Champlain Lodge, No 237, F. & A. M. He attends the Presbyterian Church.


          GUY FRANKLIN,10 b. Sept. 4, 1901 ; m. Eleanor Lura Pease.

          ROGER EDDY,10 b. Aug. 5, 1903; m. Kathleen M. Shirley.

          WILLIAM LESLIE,10 b. Mar. 16, 1910; m. Charlotte Jean Brown.

 GEORGE HARVEY BRANCH,9 son of Walter C.8 and Eunice, was born in Hewittville, New York, on February 27, 1870. After attending the local public school and Potsdam Normal School, he taught at West Stockholm and at Edwards, New York. Abandoning teaching, he entered the Iowa State Medical College, from which he graduated in 1896, and immediately began the practice of medicine at Grand Isle, Vermont. He acquired a large practice and became well-known throughout the State. He married Mattie Bell Hazen of North Hero on June 4, 1902.

          In 1910 Dr. Branch was elected Representative to Montpelier, and State Senator in 1923. He was also an Associate Judge of Grand Isle County. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and belonged to Isle of Patmos Masonic Lodge, Hill Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, and to the Commandery at Burlington, Vermont.

          He died October 26, 1927, and is buried at Grand Isle.


Katherine Sylvia, b. June 13, 1903; m. Ira Charles Tudhope. Lives at North Hero, Vt. Two children :

          Douglas Ira Tudhope, b. March 7, 1927.

          Janet Branch Tudhope, b. June 8, 1933.

George Walter, b. Sept. 26, 1904; m. Thelma Evans. Lives at Welch, W. Va. One child:

          George Harvey Branch, b. Jan. 28, 1930.

Bertha Hazen, b. May 24, 1906; m. Paul Revere Low. Lives at Roselle, N. J. One child:

          Paul Revere Low, Jr., b. March 16, 1933.

Leonard Harvey, b. Aug. 31, 1908 ; m. Edna Mae Rhemus. She died Nov. 1933. He lives at Milton, Vt.

Richard Olney, b. Oct. 12, 1910. Lives at Milton, Vt.

Darwin Pearl, b. April 16, 1912; m. Mary Steuart Newheiser. Lives at Roanoke, Va.


SYLVIA S. BRANCH,9 daughter of Walter C.9 and his first wife, Sylvia Pamelia, was born on March 27, 1861, at Norfolk, New York. Her mother died a few months later, and was buried in the Bixby Cemetery at Norfolk where, for some unknown reason, the stone is marked "Pamelia".

          Sylvia married Sylvas C. Shipman and lived at Lowell, Massachusetts, where their two sons were born. She died in 1885, within a few days of the death of her son, Wallace. They were both buried at Hewittville, New York.

 Children :

Walter H. Shipman, b. Sept. 18, 1882. He lived with his uncle, Charles Shipman, in Madrid, N. Y., until the Fall of 1891, when they moved to Charleston, W. Va. In 1907 Walter entered service with the Young Mens Christian Association, in Washington, D. C., and is still connected with that work. He married Julia DeWitt Phillips of Charleston, on July 12, 1910. Three children :

          Sylvia Mae Shipman, b. May 6,1911; m. Thomas D. Alward.

          DeWitt Phillips Shipman, b. Dec. 25, 1912.

          Ola Audrey Shipman, b. Jan. 8, 1922.


Wallace B. Shipman, b. 1885; d. in infancy.


Tenth Generation

GUY FRANKLIN BRANCH,10 son of William Farrand9 and Mary Ellen, was born at Champlain, New York, on September 4, 1901. He graduated from the Champlain High School in 1919, and attended Dartmouth College and the University of Vermont. He is a member of Champlain Masonic Lodge. Now (1935) employed with the Stanley Products Company. On January 1, 1933, he married Eleanor Lura, daughter of Henry and Lucy (Barber) Pease.


          Peter Franklin,11 b. Sept. 3, 1933.

 ROGER EDDY BRANCH,9 son of William Farrand9 and Mary Ellen, was born at Champlain, New York, on August 5, 1903. He graduated from the Champlain High School in 1920, and from Dartmouth College in the class of 1924. During the year following he read law in the offices of Wilmer H. and Orville R. Dunn, at Champlain, and from 1925 to 1928 was instructor in English and History in the public schools of Lake Worth, Florida. He is now (1935) manager of the Flushing, New York, office of the Household Finance Corporation. Member of the Masonic Lodge at Champlain. He married Kathleen M., daughter of Rado T. and Grace (Smith) Shirley, at Fort Pierce, Florida, on December 21, 1927.

WILLIAM LESLIE BRANCH,10 son of William Farrand9 and Mary Ellen, was born at Champlain, New York, on March 16, 1910. He attended Champlain High School and Chazy Central Rural School, and was graduated from Troy Conference Academy, Poultney, Vermont, in 1930. He then took a course in business and banking at the Bay Path Institute, Springfield, Massachusetts. He is (1935) employed by the Federal Reserve System in the receivership of two banks at Ellwood, Pennsylvania. On February 3, 1934, he married Charlotte Jean, daughter of Dr. O. J. and Cora (Young) Brown. They were married at Ellwood City.


                                                          The End



           This Genealogy was composed, and eighty-seven copies printed, by Hugh and Charles Woodberry McLellan, at the Moorsfield Press, Champlain, New York, in the month of December, 1935, being the 24th production of the Press. Number 7.

  This manuscript was scanned into the computer using OCR (optical character recognition) software and edited.  The document has been proofread several times but errors could still be present.  The original publication was #7 out of 87 printed.  DSP, January 1, 2011.

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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
The Branch
                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
The Branch
                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
The Branch
                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
The Branch
                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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                      Family of New England, The Line of William Farrand
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